Brice Wellness Studio


In January 2009, Brice joined the “Équilibre Home Spa” school in Paris for 1 year, to follow the “Praticien de Bien-Être” course and train in various massage techniques. Graduating in September 2009, he gained experience as a wellness practitioner and massage therapist in the spas of leading Parisian hotels, including the Ritz Place Vendôme and the Park Hyatt.

Now Brice welcomes you not far from the Gambetta Metro station, in the heart of Paris’s 20th arrondissement, and puts all his experience and know-how at your disposal.




Ayurvedic Abhyanga :
an extremely relaxing, age-old Indian massage. Heated organic sesame oil and specific movement techniques for deep muscle relaxation. Stimulates vital organs, soothes joints and calms the mind, for absolute relaxation.

Californian :
gentle yet invigorating massage. Effleurage and kneading movements, digi-pressures on the meridians. Improves blood circulation, rebalances the body’s energy. Precise and very relaxing massage. Ideal for relaxing and learning about the world of massage.

Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi:
massage from the Pacific. Wide, fluid movements with forearms and elbows. A very fluid, enveloping massage, ideal for relaxation. Helps you let go.

Creative :
massage mixing various techniques according to the client’s morphology and needs. Very complete and intuitive, a customized massage…


Scrub with Black Soap and Eucalyptus. Ideal for removing dead cells and preparing the skin for the benefits of massage.


* Massages :
1H :…………70€
1H30 :……….100€

* Scrub (+/- 35 min): €40


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