Bruno Massage


Your masseur on the Côte d’Azur

In a restful setting overlooking the Esterel massif, I welcome you for relaxing massages. I master many techniques and will offer you a service tailored to your needs and expectations.

Are you unable to travel, or do you simply prefer to stay at home? I travel within a 25km radius, in an area stretching from Cannes to Sainte-Maxime.


  • Intuitive massage: Personalized wellness massage using a variety of techniques. Duration 1H30 / 100 euros
  • Balinese massage: Draining and relaxing Indonesian Urut Pijat massage. Duration 1H00 / 70 euros
  • Lomi Lomi: Deep, immersive Hawaiian massage. Duration 1H00 / 70 euros
  • Onavi ® massage: Vibratory, undulating massage using Sarawak lullabies. Duration 1H00 / 70 euros
  • Hot Stones: Hot stone massage using the ancestral Amerindian method. Duration 1H00 / 70 euros
  • Abhyanga massage >>> Ayurvedic massage combining manual techniques, essential oils and medicinal plants. Duration 1H30 / 100 euros

All massages are available in a longer version.


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