Kinesio Massage


KINESIOMASSAGE is a technique that uses muscle tension and relaxation guided by synchronized breathing. The deep relaxation of meridians (Chinese medicine or acupuncture points) frees you from the stress caused by repressed emotions.

Intuitive massage recovers the experience of the moment (kinesiology movements) and the exchanges between the masseur and the person being massaged to relax the body in greater depth and harmonize energy.

Massage allows you to :

– fight stress
– promotes sleep
– soothes pain in body and mind
– reduce stress
– improve blood and lymph circulation
– release negative energies
– unfold your libido
– boost the immune system
– relax, unwind and let go
– living and feeling the present moment
– for greater well-being and intense pleasure

I have been a personal development and wellness practitioner for several years, trained in:
NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming)
Touch therapy
Massage and wellness (Californian, Balinese, Ayurvedic…)

My approach to massage is not focused on a particular technique that must be applied as a rule, because it’s important for me to listen to the client’s request (a telephone discussion is strongly suggested before the appointment), as this will enable us to get to know each other.

The session lasts 1h or 1h30.
It is performed on a massage table or futon in the office (rarely on location).

– 1h30 : 130€
– 1h : 100€

8 Rue Boucry, 75018 Paris, France


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