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My life’s journey as a tantrika has been enriched by many different practices, workshops and courses. They gave me the desire to share this knowledge and my spiritual path, by becoming a professional Tantric masseur and Tantra facilitator.

My inspirations come from my spirituality, from the French neo-Tantra, which focuses specifically on relationships, and from the precepts of traditional Kashmiri Tantra.

In this way, I offer our session a link between my personality, tradition and modernity.

I am a pansexual, non-binary human being in a cisgender male body, assertive and fulfilled. I have a strong plural energy that I master to be well rooted and connected to the universe.

I accompany both individuals and couples in this practice.

I love the philosophy of Tantra, which allows authenticity, spontaneity and the awakening of life energy, also known as sexual energy. It allows us to feel free and liberated from any moral or dogmatic judgment.

The framework will be established together, in advance, by a telephone call before the appointment is made, to ensure that this sacred moment is completely secure, allowing us to fully express each other’s expectations and limits. Tantric massage is practiced in the nude and in no way includes any sexual act.

The Tantric journey begins with a first contact, followed by the various practices listed below, then the Tantric massage, and finally a conclusion that will allow everyone to continue on their journey.

My diversity and creativity can therefore lead me to use different practices to accompany this unique moment:
-crystal singing bowls, also known as crystal vessels. (Vibrassons Crystal )
-Koshi chimes (French Pyrenean chimes created by Kabir).
-Chinese medical tuning forks .
-Essential oils for olfactory accompaniment ( Arôma-zone ) .
-Indian incense.
-dance practices ( 5 Rhythms, Contacts ).
-divinatory card drawing .

– in Paris 2ème in the passage Choiseul in the heart of the capital on canvas @kigliss with hot oil
– in Mennecy 91 in the heart of the Essonne countryside equipped for a shibari session available on request

Office use only

Tantric journey: 2h = €190

76 passage Choiseul, Paris 2,75002


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