Stéphane Dupré, (R)awakener of men


Accompanying men on their life paths.

Originally from the central region of France, I lived in Lille for 15 years, where I worked as a nutritionist, before moving to the Cévennes in 2007 for a new life as a host in the Cévennes National Park. My passion for cooking led me to propose a vegetarian and gourmet table d’hôte. My interest and curiosity in massage, Tantra and personal development led me to create different types of accompaniment for men with a focus on well-being and self-awareness.

Since 2011, I’ve been offering courses, training, retreats, rejuvenating weekends and themed naturist holidays. The entire program is dedicated to men, with accommodation (all-inclusive: entertainment/overnight stays/catering) at the Mas du Coupétadou, a charming B&B in Lozère (Vialas – 48).


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