TaoAme, expert Tao Tantra masseur


Welcome to the world of TaoAme, professional Tao Tantra masseur, expert in well-being, well-educated, attentive, respectful, awakener of the senses at the service of your well-being for you men.

  • Massage came to me as an obvious choice and a revelation, thanks to my in-depth energy practice as an expert Usui Reiki Master, Energéticien and Geobiologist since 2008, which has enabled me to develop sensory abilities complemented by training in Tao Tantra massage, enabling me to achieve superior results in terms of well-being.
  • My greatest joy in this massage is to introduce you to this ancient and intense practice, and to present Tao Tantra massage as an art of living that reconciles body, mind and love, for which you will be the recipient of sensual and delicate attentions.
  • Originating in India, Tantra is devoted to sensuality and the joy of living through the 5 senses.
  • Come and experience a wonderful inner journey, a total letting go, a sensory awakening through tantric touch of the whole body without judgment, with delicacy and Love…
  • The massage is accompanied by slow, enveloping movements, like a sensual dance of body-to-body contact, with light pressure while listening to your senses, stimulating the sensitive points of your body to relax muscles and release endorphins that promote general well-being.
  • These massage techniques enable you to become aware of and accept your body with a new perception, unifying body and mind, nurturing self-love and respect for others.
  • Tao Tantra Massage is an extraordinary experience that awakens and stimulates your sacred potential, your libido and your orgasm.
  • It also takes you into a state of deep relaxation and opens up a new awareness and approach to sexuality, and can become a key to enriching your love life.

– Expect nothing and expect everything!

– Breathing plays an important role during the massage, to relax the mind and encourage the circulation of vital energy, so that you can enjoy a good massage and benefit from all its advantages.

– These massages are open to all men, regardless of sexual orientation, with respect for each person’s philosophy and ideals, in complete discretion, confidentiality and respect, in privacy, according to each person’s possibilities, without any sexual connotations.

  • Massage is performed with high-quality natural oil, nude or not, on the floor on a futon, with a musical background, subdued atmosphere and a note of incense in a zen and harmonized space dedicated to this purpose.
  • Massage of the erogenous zones (lingam, perineum…) will be stimulated and defined at the beginning of the session according to the possibilities and desires of each individual.
  • The duration of the massages includes the exchange at the start, the end and the shower.
  • In the context of massage, if there are special requests, there will be an agreement between the masseur and the Massé as to pricing, duration, location, travel expenses, hotel rental, Be and Be, etc., all with the aim of quality and transparency in complete discretion and confidentiality.
  • Reservations will be confirmed upon receipt of a deposit.
  • I reserve the right to refuse a person or to terminate the massage if he or she does not respect TaoAme’s deontology (body hygiene, benevolence) available on my WhatsApp business account and without refund of the service.
  • Discover and compose the massage of your dreams via WhatsApp.
  • In the context of the covid 19 epidemic, preventive health measures still apply.
  • The techniques used have no therapeutic purpose and do not replace a medical diagnosis.

– I am located between Nantes 44 and Rennes 35, on the 4-lane axis, 40 minutes from each and am also available in Nantes, Rennes, La Baule, Pornichet, Guérande… on reservation.

– I receive and move to the place of your choice with everything necessary to perform a good massage in the rules of art.

– A fixed kilometer rate of 0.665€ will be applied for travel, as well as a deposit.

  • Please contact me by WhatsApp or SMS to get to know my world and then we’ll talk to you to better target your expectations.



– Cupid” massage

  • Soaping, shower massage with organic soap.

– Himeros” energy massage

  • Energy cleansing, centering, harmonization, sound bath and massage with Tibetan bowls, crystal bowl and shamanic drum.

– Eros” massage

  • Preparing for and connecting to Tao Tantra massage
  • Full-body oil massage
  • Body/body massage
  • Erogenous zone massage
  • Head massage
  • Exchanges

Price list:

  • 1h00 = 100 €
  • 1h30 = 150 €
  • 2h00 = 200 €

– 4-hand massage for 1 or 2 people, double rate.

  • 25% surcharge after 8 p.m. and on public holidays

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