2 and 4-hand tantric massages


A young man who has been working in the fields of personal and spiritual development for over 10 years, I offer Tantric and Kashmiri-inspired massages, solo or in duo.

Tantric massage

It’s a wonderful massage for awakening the senses and emotions, and teaching sensuality. It can also open up healing spaces in the receiver’s unconscious.

The psycho-corporal aim of this massage is to bring about emotional, mental and physical harmony. It’s a way of accessing another dimension in one’s relationship with others, on both a social and marital level, and also of acquiring a better knowledge of oneself, on a level that is both more subtle and more profound in one’s feelings and vital energy. It is an enveloping treatment, using continuous effleurage movements that are sometimes extremely slow and profound in their intention. It refocuses, diffuses and harmonizes vital energy.

My technique relies mainly on my intuitiveness, under the guidance of your body.

Addressee: This massage is for all men, hetero, bi and gay of legal age.

Description: I use organic sesame oil to help my hands glide over the skin. This massage is practiced in a naturist, reciprocal spirit.

The entire body is massaged. Each party is treated with care and consideration.


Matthieu and Samy offer an oriental-inspired 4-hand massage combining tantra and abhyanga.

The combination of these ancestral practices offers an exceptional moment of deep relaxation.

Tantra brings sensuality, brotherhood and energetic revitalization. Abhyanga harmonizes energies, eliminates toxins and soothes the nervous system.

Service available:
– in a massage parlour in Mondragon (84) between Bollène and Orange in the Vaucluse region, where a shower is at your disposal
– at your holiday home

For single men and male/male couples.


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