Rodrigue massage & natural health


Certified Naturopath, I specialize in several massage techniques using organic vegetable oil: deep tissue, abhyanga, relaxing, enveloping, etc.

My treatments are personalized, combining deep-tissue massage, accompanied by movements of pressure on acupressure points and gentle stretching.

The aim is to relieve chronic tension, aches and pains and overwork, harmonizing and revitalizing the body as a whole.
To prolong the benefits of the treatment, wellness advice will be given.


  • Eliminates muscular tension,
  • Acts on the nervous system,
  • Promotes good quality sleep,
  • Revitalizes the whole body,
  • Calms the mind,
  • Reduces muscle soreness for faster recovery
  • Improves digestion.

For more information, please contact me by whatsapp ONLY: +33 761 373 359

1H – 100e

1H30 – 140e

2H – 200e

113 Rue du Faubourg Poissonnière, Paris, France


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