Relaxing massage by Alain


A “good” massage is first and foremost one where you come with the aim of “doing yourself good”.

Everyone’s motivations may be different, but the ultimate aim is to be able to leave with a relaxed body, supple muscles, an open mind and general well-being.

It’s with this in mind that I offer my massages: a positive projection of sensations, relaxation and pleasure.

I’m here just for you, and welcome you as a long-time friend.

My massages last between 60 and 90 minutes (the movements are wide, slow and deep; very quickly, the body relaxes and any muscular knots are resolved) and can be preceded by a scrub (with a glove) / wash / dry of about 20 minutes more (you become a child again for a few moments!…) with the option of an intimate shave.
Please visit my website for more information and guestbook.

Tantra massage: €60 (60min ) / €80 (60min with sensual wash/peel) €100 (90min with sensual wash/peel)

Nudity is preferable for this massage, but it is possible to cover unmassaged areas with a towel.

A preliminary dialogue will enable me to get to know any pains, sensitive points or reservations you may have…

Massage parlour

Massages take place in my practice, in a warm and welcoming environment.

Selected lighting, delicate fragrances and music accompany you throughout your stay.

A shower is available before and after the massage.


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