Zen voluptuousness


Male relaxation massage for a voluptuous feeling of well-being

Certified and registered wellness practitioner. A male relaxation massage lasting approx. 1 hour 20 minutes to disconnect and let go.

I offer you a treatment inspired by Californian massage techniques, with long, fluid, enveloping strokes as well as more localized movements on areas of tension and muscles. The pressure will depend on your requirements.

The body is considered in its entirety, enabling harmonization by regulating energy flows.

The fluidity of the touch will give you a voluptuous sensation of well-being.

My massage is performed on a table at my home (Villejuif, metro line 7).
Rates: €90 for 1h20 massage
I can also come to your home or hotel with my massage table. Price: 110€ for 1h20 massage

As a naturist myself, the massage can be performed in the nude (masseur and massee), if you wish.

I look forward to connecting with you through a gentle touch.

Non-therapeutic massage.

In a warm and welcoming setting, a massage with a gentle touch, relaxing the mind and loosening the muscles, to achieve a voluptuous state of letting go and re-harmonizing the body. Naturist massage if you wish.


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